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Award Winning Dog and Owner


"Cheryl and Bonny gave me the tools I needed to become a teammate with my Portuguese Water Dog, Dover. Although I never planned to compete with my dog when I began classes, Cheryl just smiled at me and taught me how to have fun with my boy and give him the confidence and love of the game that he still has. It has been a joy to play agility with Dover and I credit Cheryl and Bonny for teaching me how to be the partner to Dover that I needed to be. Learning how to connect with my dog and use his funny and driven personality to help him become focused allowed me to also be a very successful competitor in Portuguese Water Dog water trials as well as agility. Cheryl taught me how to harness a crazy and fun loving dog into the most fun partner I could imagine having. Without my learning how to direct that energy, Dover and I could have never become a successful team. Cheryl always knows when to push the dog a bit more past his comfort zone or when to let him make a decision for himself to move to the next level. This point is different for each dog and each dog breed, and she knows where to find it. Cheryl also knows when to push the human to challenge herself and continue to learn. I can't thank Cheryl and Bonny enough for making agility such a fun and rewarding way to spend time with my dog!"
— Kimberly H. Seattle, Washington
MACH2 Cascade Del Sur Dover MXS MJX OF T2B CWDX "Dover"
Portuguese Water Dog

"I met Cheryl and Bonny in late 2006, after adopting my border collie/lab mix Savannah. When Savvy came to live with us she came with no confidence. She was scared of people, scared of dogs, resource guarded and was deathly afraid of loud noises. I reached out to Cheryl to help me instill Savannah with some confidence and a sense of self.

Multiple times I threw my hands up in frustration, wondering if all the training was getting us anywhere. It was Cheryl that taught me patience, explaining that she could see the small signs of growth in her confidence, even when I couldn't. Along with patience Cheryl taught me about trust; how to trust my dog, How to believe the right behavior is going to happen and, if it doesn't, how to back chain to success, stretch the behavior and hone it to perfection. In the end she taught me how to be positive/think positive/act positive in all siturations.

Dog Training

Thanks to the bond that Cheryl and Bonny helped create between Savannah and myself my entire career path has changed. I have now been teaching dog agility classes, dog behavior classes and have specialized in working with reactive dogs for the last ten years. And that scared little puppy grew to become the #1 16-inch preferred all-american in the country.

I can only imagine how Savvy Dog would have ended up had I not crossed paths with Cheryl and Bonny. Thank y0u both so much!!!"
— Eric S. A Savvy Dog Training & Agility LLC, Owner and Head Dog Trainer 

Owner with Her Two Dogs

"I met Cheryl Karnes about 15 years ago when our paths crossed at an agility facility where we both taught classes. Soon after we were taking lessons from one another and I could see as I participated in her class that she was a patient, knowledgeable and caring instructor. All these years later I have seen Cheryl continue to be genuine and kind to her students and their dogs and to pursue the most effective and updated approach to teaching and participating in the sport.

Cheryl has also continued to challenge herself in the sport of agility and has achieved high levels of success with her Airedales and Border Terriers.

Most importantly I see Cheryl always put her relationship first with her dogs and her student's dogs. She takes the time the dog needs to get comfortable with the current level of training before moving forward, explains information thoroughly to her students (hmmmm...could her 30 some years as an educator have something to do with that?) and uses positive based training methods to help dogs love their work!

And last I would like to say that Cheryl is just plain nice and fun. And I know because I have sung country music with her in her car at a trial!

I have trained and titled my own dogs in the areas of Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Schutzhund and Agility."
— Diana H., Dog Trainer for 30 Years - Fun Fur Paws and Synergy Dog Sports Instructor